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Marketing Technology Optimization Is a Journey.

The promise of marketing technology is a great one. So great is the promise that marketing has become largely a technology discipline. Organizations are building increasingly complex martech stacks to better manage customers and their experiences.

Yet despite all this effort, marketers are struggling with the promise.

We believe the answer lies in the journey. Marketing technology optimization is not a destination but rather the path, and marketers need to develop their capabilities and capacities in a staged manner. We can help determine where you are on the path and what projects and investments to focus on.

We have 5 big ideas that inform our approach to marketing.

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Chris Hokansson

Chris is a self-confessed marketing geek. In his career, he has been a consultant, manager, strategist, technologist and even on occasion a writer. Chris is also the founder of One Red Bird.


Shailesh Merai


Simon Cooper

Simon is an award-winning visual communicator. He has worked across multiple disciplines, including graphic design, branding, advertising and digital. Part hippy, part entrepeneur, Simon is also the founder of Hybrid Ideas, a digital and print design agency.


Chris Hubbard

Chris is our chief wordsmith. Originally a journalist, the siren like call of marketing brought him over to the dark side where he has been a content creator ever since. Chris is based out of Raleigh, NC.


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A perfectly integrated system that listens for changes in your lead database, responds in real time and provides alerts to sales doesn't happen instantly. We can help.

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