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An Interns Perspective

Posted by Jake Morgan on Aug 11, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Throughout my month interning at One Red Bird, I’ve learned more about marketing than I would in four months in a marketing course. Being behind the scenes of how a business functions, and brainstorming ideas for a marketing firm and their clients, has made me look at the business field differently.

As a 17- year-old intern heading into a marketing company, I didn’t expect to be welcomed the way I was. The best part of the month, was meeting all my kind and helpful co-workers. One Red Bird’s founder, Chris Hokansson, has made me fee like a vital part of the company ever since I applied. I have also worked closely with Corina Sharpe and Mark Deen, who have also taught me new skills and made me feel at home. Throughout the month, I have noted all my co-worker’s friendliness, intelligence, and humility.

I have learned many valuable skills by:

  • monitoring the company’s social media and website
  • solving software problems
  • preparing reports for One Red Bird and our clients
  • writing a marketing blog
  • participating in business meetings with clients.

I have also learned new marketing strategies that I simply could not learn in a classroom.

My goal coming into One Red Bird was to gain experience and develop my skills for marketing, and business in general, to get a head start for the future.  My co-workers have helped me develop these skills with their incredible knowledge and business acumen. The opportunity to attend business meetings with clients provided me with the most valuable experience, due to the fact that I have gained a new perspective of being behind the scenes of a marketing environment.

Overall, after my full month here, I have nothing but great things to say about One Red Bird. The amount of dedication and hard work within One Red Bird amazes me, and also rubs off on me. The experience provided to me has been wonderful, and I’m looking forward to incorporating the skills I've learned into my future career.

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