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Chris Hubbard

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Automated inbound marketing campaigns are great for lead generation and conversion, but don’t let the “automated’ aspect of these campaigns fool you. You don’t just turn them on and let them run.

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Topics: marketing automation, measurement

When clients engage us to help with their content marketing strategy, we often find that they haven’t sufficiently answered (or many times, even asked): “What content should we be producing?”

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Topics: strategy, marketing content, customer personas

Undertaking B2B marketing without knowing the people you’re marketing to is like putting a blindfold on before throwing darts.

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Topics: strategy, customer engagement, customer personas

Many entrepreneurs start marketing, become disappointed with the results, and stop.

Then they get desperate and start again … and stop again.

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Topics: tips, strategy, measurement, b2b marketing

Content marketing continues to grow in popularity as more businesses realize the tremendous potential of the web to build lasting customer relationships that translate into sales.

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Topics: content, strategy, customer loyalty, marketing content

At the heart of inbound marketing is lead generation. But what exactly is a lead? Ask 10 different people and they’ll all say, “Sure, I know what a lead is.” But then you’ll likely get 10 different definitions, all of which fail to recognize that there is actually more than one kind of lead.

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Inbound marketing isn’t a complex concept. You can find a lot of slightly different definitions, but at its essence, inbound marketing is simply about getting potential customers to like you.

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Topics: b2b, strategy, inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is getting a lot of hype these days, and too often the “next big thing” is all sizzle and no steak.

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