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Ok you probably can't get a Lakota product for your marketing content pain.

marketing content pain killer

What you can do though is reduce the pain of generating content by taking a few small steps - plan ahead, use a content calendar and vary your formats.

It seems so obvious that as a B2B marketer you will want to plan content creation ahead of time. But it never fails that the time comes you are struck with marketer's writing block. A simple way to plan is to simply create a list that anyone in the department can add content ideas to. It can be a shared document, a corner of a whiteboard or a piece of paper on a clipboard.

A content calendar goes hand in hand with planning. It can help you move ideas from your brainstorming list and into project management. By understanding what you want to create and by when you can coordinate the resources required to develop specific content. As well it will help you to creating content with the intent to use in in multiple ways.

By reusing content in different vehicles you can get more mileage out of each piece developed and you can provide variety to your prospects. You shouldn't feel the feel the need to make every piece of content into a high value e-book or 30 minute webinar. Hints, tips or lists can be just as useful. Your objective is to create value for prospects over time.

So consider links to relevant off-line articles, blog posts, white papers, short videos, podcasts, workbooks, toolkits, research reports, buying guides, case studies, checklists, and slideshows as you plan your marketing content. 

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