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search b2b lead generation resized 600 8CV6JZNM2WXT I sometimes forget that the basics of internet marketing aren't always common knowledge to business owners. This came into especially sharp focus this week in separate conversations I had with 2 entrepreneurs about search.

It’s not like either of these people live under rocks or don’t know what search is – rather they just hadn’t spent a whole lot of time thinking about it or about how critical it is to generating leads for their business.

Both would tell you search is related to making sure their websites can be found on the internet and both would admit to having spent some time and money on search engine optimization. Neither was really clear on why.

Search is where many (if not all) B2B prospects start their buying process. They no longer want to speak to a person at your company - at least not until they are ready.

I am surprised by how business owners will agree the buyng process has changed but haven’t necessarily considered how search is a primary driver of these changes. When someone decides or is tasked with investigating new products or services for their company, the first thing they do is hop on the internet and see what the options are. They do research, create a consideration list, and work to learn as much as they can about the choices available. If your website isn’t optimized for search, than they aren’t going to find you. It’s pretty hard to nurture and manage the leads you never get.

This is a pretty hard truth for business owners who are reluctant to embrace the unknown. It is easier to keep doing what they have always been doing than to seriously consider how search impacts lead management and revenue. As I said, it isn’t that search is a complete mystery – it just isn’t considered very deeply.

What do you think? Is the importance of search common knowledge with mid-sized B2Bs?

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