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Take a look at your marketing and ask yourself – is it telling prospects about your products and services or is it solving their problems?

Customer’s don’t really care about you. They have their own business issues and they just want to know how you are going to help solve them. To add to your woes, when you just talk about your product’s features and benefits - it gets hard for customers to tell you from the competition.

You need to see your business the way your customers see it. You need an outside in view of your business.

To get an outside in perspective you need to get beyond your features and benefits and get to the needs you fulfill for buyers.  Your marketing needs to speak to these needs and offer your unique, credible and relevant solution to them.

Remember no business needs a 64 bit semi-structured database that provides advanced capabilities for high-performance search and information access across the entire spectrum of structured and unstructured enterprise data.

They do need make better business decisions based on their customer data. Do your customers see you helping them or selling them?

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