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Your brand is more than just your logo or tagline. It is the complete promise you make to every business who buys from you. It is the value you deliver brought to life and positioned in the mind of your prospects. It is the crystal clear reason why they should buy from you.

The pros know this.

Companies like GE, Intel, or Accenture understand that although they sell to other businesses their actual customers are people.

Brands are emotional.

They understand their buyers are people who use emotions to make economic decisions and so their brand message needs to operate on an emotional level. The emotions these brands evoke put them over the top against their competitors.

You can use this in your branding efforts.

Considering the most important benefits of your business to your buyers. Next, consider which of those benefits are emotional and boil them down to one thing that buyers should think of when they think of you.

This is what your brand should represent.

And if you don't...

If your brand is left undefined, your managers and sales teams will define it. It won’t necessarily be wrong, but it will likely be inconsistently applied, which will confuse your buyers. Even scarier, if your brand is left undefined, your competitors may be defining it for you.

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