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4 steps to pick the right content for your B2B content marketing

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Should you optimize your website for users or Google?

Everyone understands that in some way ranking high in Google searches is vital to online marketing success. But just how important is it?

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Okay, I need to be doing inbound marketing...but what exactly is it?

We’re a strategic marketing agency that believes successful B2B marketing in today’s world requires inbound marketing strategies that are efficient and scalable. 

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Want to market smarter? Close the loop.

One of the most important success factors in B2B inbound marketing is being able to track and understand which initiatives are working and which ones are duds. Ideally, you have a closed loop system between marketing and sales so that this is always clear.

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Improve Your Marketing ROI with Personas

Undertaking B2B marketing without knowing the people you’re marketing to is like putting a blindfold on before throwing darts.

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5 Fearless B2B Predictions for the rest of 2015

Each month a member of the One Red Bird team contributes a blog post to the Mississauga Board of Trade's blog. The MBOT blog publishes posts from a variety of members, and we are honoured that they asked us to contribute. We want to make sure that our regular blog readers also get to see these posts, and so we will post each one here as well.

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5 Marketing Mistakes 95% of Entrepreneurs Are Making

Many entrepreneurs start marketing, become disappointed with the results, and stop.

Then they get desperate and start again … and stop again.

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3 B2B marketing trends that got me thinking

As the managing director of a marketing automation (MA) agency, I like to keep my eyes on trends or developments that might become trends. Recently, three such developments have caught my attention.

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Survey reveals top B2B concerns of Fortune 500 CMOs

What’s causing B2B marketing executives to lose sleep in 2014?

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Want more qualified leads and conversions from email marketing? Don’t blast, nurture.

Successful email campaigns don’t push; they pull. By providing quality and quantity— great content and value offers spread across multiple emails—you can use email marketing to get leads to want to hear from you.

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