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3 B2B marketing trends that got me thinking

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As the managing director of a marketing automation (MA) agency, I like to keep my eyes on trends or developments that might become trends. Recently, three such developments have caught my attention.

Survey reveals top B2B concerns of Fortune 500 CMOs

Creating valuable content for B2B marketing isn't easy.

What’s causing B2B marketing executives to lose sleep in 2014?

Want more qualified leads and conversions from email marketing? Don’t blast, nurture.

Email marketing isn't about pushing; it's about pulling.

Successful email campaigns don’t push; they pull. By providing quality and quantity— great content and value offers spread across multiple emails—you can use email marketing to get leads to want to hear from you.

3 reasons people matter in marketing automation

Marketing automation doesn't eliminate the need for human involvement to grow your business with marketing.

A recent report about B2B buyer behavior has received a lot of attention for its findings about the best time to contact leads.

10 reasons writing quality matters in content marketing

Content that's not written well usually doesn't achieve its marketing purpose.

Content marketing continues to grow in popularity as more businesses realize the tremendous potential of the web to build lasting customer relationships that translate into sales.

Definition, Qualification, Conversion: Understanding Leads

To grow your business with marketing, you need b2b lead generation strategies that include lead definition.

Defining a lead might sound like a simple task, but it can drive people crazy.

You wouldn’t expect a hammer to fix your house — why do you expect marketing automation to fix your marketing?

To grow your business with marketing automation, you need a strategy.

Marketing automation is a tool, and like most tools, it only works if it’s used by people who know how to use it.

Facebook isn’t just for friends anymore: B2B social marketing and selling

You can grow your business with marketing and selling that makes use of social media.

For many business owners, social media is a double-edged sword. They understand they should be embracing it but aren’t altogether convinced it’s actually effective.

How are marketing automation and email software different?

Just as mobile phones have come a long way since they were first developed, marketing automation has progressed beyond basic email marketing software.

Often when I am out speaking about marketing automation, people will ask me, “If email is still a big part of engaging prospects, why can’t I just keep using MailChimp?”

How are marketing automation and CRM software different?

Marketing automation software and CRM software complement each other.

Often when I'm explaining to people what One Red Bird does, I talk about marketing automation technology.

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